Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 26th

We only meet every 6 months. Our next meeting is on September 26th. I only have 3 of 13 done. I usually take a trip to the cabin and finish them all while I'm there. There will be no trip to the cabin this month. There is Jury Duty. A two week trial.
My first. I like it actually. I quilt on breaks and at lunch but never during. I can not wait to see all the other's unfinished/finished squares.
There will be pictures I promise.


Bethy said...

I have a four completely done. I figure with third trimester pregnancy, heat, work, a luncheon to plan and execute, and my favorite four year old in the world dancing around me all the could be a miracle if I finished all of them. But it's okay. I will do what I can. That is my mantra these days. :) Can't wait to have you all at my house!

the jackson 4 said...

I just have to finish the applique on five of the squares and then I will be done! I actually GOT the trip to the cabin and that is why mine are finished!! Sorry Mom.

Lora said...

I'm sorry to say I am the nerd that has moved on to the next row. I think of each of you when I'm sewing and I guess I didn't want it to end!

JennBraz said...

I have ALL my squares finished! Just kidding! Today, Sunday, September 6 I have 0, I say zero, of my squares done and can't wait to begin getting them done!

zluv said...

I think I have 6 and a half squares done at this point. I am hoping that Seattle starts to have some rainy weather so I am motivated to stay indoors. It has just been too sunny to sew. Looking forward to seeing you all!